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East Hills, New York Property

Sep 29

When Elisabeth initially arrived in East Hills, a wealthy hamlet on Long Island's North Shore, she feared that she wouldn't be accepted by her new neighbors from Chicago.

Her husband, a property developer, had always longed to return to the place where he had spent his formative years. Ms. Karlik claims that getting onto Long Island is more challenging than average. After everything was said and done, this turned out to be the best option. The closest friendships I have are the ones I made when no one else would have stood by me.

The Park at East Hills is a 50-acre village green with facilities that has helped bring the community closer together. The park has a lot of great qualities, and one of them is plenty of different sports and other activities to choose from. There's a water slide that drops riders 110 feet and a playground for kids of all ages at this 12,000 square foot pool. There are also tennis courts, a basketball court, and six baseball/softball grounds.

Ms. Karlik "met a ton of moms" when she took her children to the park after moving to a new area. As the weather warms up in the spring and summer, the pool becomes a favorite gathering spot for individuals and families alike. Finding a hobby or a cause to support is simple if you know where to search. She rearranged her kids' calendars to fit in extracurricular activities like music lessons and sports practices.

A four-bedroom, three-bathroom home in Country Estates was purchased by the Karliks for little over $1 million and was shortly resold for $1.3 million.

There is talk that the Karliks are looking for a $1.6 million home in Norgate with six bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and a location within walking distance of a park.

The East Hills neighborhood park, excellent Roslyn public schools, and spacious yard all contributed to the couple's decision to settle there. As of September, they had paid $1.2 million to acquire it from the Jamaica Estates, Queens sellers. It was a three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom house in East Williston, New York, built in 1955. There was also a finished basement. An agency in Queens, New York, thought this was quite cool. People in this area are very kind and helpful. An ideal setting for a learning institution. The silence is perplexing. As far as I'm concerned, New York City is no different from any other city in Pennsylvania.

The convenience of a short journey prompted their move to East Hills from Merrick on the south shore of Long Island eight years ago. The neighborhood turned out to be "nice, charming, loyal," as one lawyer put it. In the same vein, we appreciate the efforts our neighbors have made to enhance the quality of life in our community. The members of this group are actively participating in it. The town has a private security force and sanitation crew to keep things tidy, so driving on the street is out of the question.

An East Hills real estate agent who also resides in the area has described the area as "very appealing," particularly among professionals and companies. Village Hall's convenient location inside the park draws in youth while also satisfying the needs of the park's many elderly residents who use the building to engage in activities like bridge and exercise.

Ms. Cohen claims that the park and the neighborhood meetings there have improved "the sense of community" in the area. For this reason, "it has transformed into a gathering spot for individuals to mix."

After 20 years in power, the mayor insists that locals may use the park for free every year. There will be a fireworks concert on July 4 and a Halloween "Spooktacular" this year. The mayor of the town made sure that Village Hall had a backup generator in case of a power outage. Towels, shampoo, and iPhone chargers may all be found in the locker rooms, which include Italian tiling.

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A little portion of East Hills is outside of North Hempstead Town. Going west will take you through the communities of Old Westbury, Albertson, and Greenvale to the east, Greenvale and Roslyn Harbor to the north, and Roslyn and Roslyn Heights to the west. In order to go from western Queens to eastern Long Island, you may use the Long Island Expressway.

The houses in this neighborhood are either center-hall colonials, ranches, or extended farm homes, and they all sit on tidy lots of a half an acre or more. Several separate demolitions are now in way. Koblenz said, "We have a lot of houses coming up," and he further stated that about 40 applications are now being examined. Houses with gambrel roofs are the most common kind of new construction in the United States.

Most businesses and government offices in the area may be found along Glen Cove Road, the main north-south artery. Antonette's is an Italian restaurant with live music and dancing. Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center, an office and industrial complex, and two car dealerships all sit on the northern outskirts of town, separated by Northern Boulevard.

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This year there are 52 properties for sale in the region, ranging from a $775,000 1930s cottage with three bedrooms and two baths to a $3.2M brand-new two-story gabled mansion on 0.4 acres.

A spokesperson from Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty said that data from the Long Island Multiple Listing Service showed that the average selling price had dropped by 8% from last year to $1,043,750. (MLS). He didn't see anything in the way of inventory.

Ms. Cohen, a real estate agent in Laffey, claims that the market is strong for properties with asking prices between $700,000 and $1 million.

Mr. Orent recently commented on the health of the Manhattan and Long Island real estate markets, saying, "Buy a million or lower home and restore."

A Douglas Elliman Real Estate associate broker claims that newly built luxury homes are the market's most popular option. To build a nice house on a lot, according to her calculations, you'll need between $2.8 and $3 million. Nob Hill, Lakeville Estates, and Country Estates are three of the most costly neighborhoods. Average new-home prices in Strathmore and Norgate are close to $2 million, whereas in Fairfield Park they are under $1.7 million.

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A school psychologist at least once a month takes her kids to East Hills Park's Village Theater for private birthday celebrations complete with DJs and balloon painters.

A family with a young child moves from Manhattan to a sprawling ranch, and the parents sign the kid up for weekly gymnastics, tap, ballet, and swimming classes at the Sid Jacobson Jewish Community Center.

Kitchen Kabaret, a little bistro-style takeout establishment on a shopping strip, is perfect for when you're out in the middle of nowhere and you're starving.

Roslyn's Kyma Village, Hendrick's Tavern, and a multiplex cinema provide a range of options for people looking to go out for the evening. Mr. Orent claims that large businesses and shopping malls are all we need to thrive. In only seven minutes, you may be to Jones Beach, where you can shop at the mall and big-box stores at Roosevelt Field.

The Schools East Hills is a campus of the Roslyn Union Free School District, serving 3,139 pupils. More than half of the district's first graders go to The Heights School, which primarily educates children in grades pre-K through 1. There are primary and secondary educational facilities in both East Hills and Harbor Hill. There is Roslyn High School for grades 9–12, and Roslyn Middle School for grades 6–8.

In 2016, the average reading, math, and writing scores for the whole US were 586, 617, and 592, respectively; in New York State, these numbers were 489, 501, and 489, respectively.

According to projections, the vast majority of high school grads will continue their education at a university.

East Hills pupils attend the 1,735-strong East Williston school district, while the rest of Jericho's students remain in their neighborhood's schools.

At 7:42 a.m., on the Oyster Bay branch of the Long Island Rail Road, passengers left Roslyn. departed 50 minutes later for Penn Stop from the Jamaica station. Monthly fees for this service are $297. The commute to Midtown Manhattan's financial district via the Long Island Expressway might take anywhere between 35 and 1 hour, depending on the day's volume of traffic.

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Clarence Mackay's 648-acre rural estate was the dominant feature of the area in the early 20th century, along with the Red Ground residential neighborhood and four farms. East Hills citizens, concerned about rising property taxes as a consequence of Roslyn's incorporation efforts, banded together in 1931 to create their own municipality.

In 2006, the Roslyn Air National Guard Station was decommissioned and replaced with the Park at East Hills. In 2000, Koblenz and the United States Air Force reached a settlement that called for the Air Force to pay $3 million for the property now used as the park, which had previously belonged to the city government.