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What do I need to consider when choosing bathroom taps in Melbourne?

Jun 12

Before replacing your old tapware with a new design, it's important to consider the current set-up. If you have a bench-mounted, three-piece set in place, it's crucial to replace it with the same arrangement as they are not interchangeable. Make sure to carefully assess your existing fixtures before making any changes to ensure that everything fits perfectly and functions as intended. By taking these steps into account beforehand, you can save yourself time and any potential headaches down the line.


One crucial factor to consider when selecting tapware is the size and height of the outlet. This is because it determines whether water will land in an accurate position and angle, making sure it fills your basin without any trouble. It's essential to make sure you choose correctly for your specific needs so that you can avoid any inconvenience down the road. Be diligent in choosing a tapware outlet that will work best with your basin's dimensions, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into your bathroom or kitchen design while serving its purpose perfectly.

Consider the target audience when selecting tapware designs. For households with young children, it's essential to prioritize safety by opting for curved lines instead of sharp angles, which could cause injuries. This is particularly crucial in the bath area where children can accidentally bump their heads. To further ensure a safe bathing experience for kids, choosing tapware with a swiveling bath spout that can be moved out of the way once the tub is filled would be highly advantageous. By doing so, parents can easily prevent any potential accidents and keep their little ones safe while enjoying a relaxing bath time together.




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